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Patricia Dubé, Quebec City, PQ

80K of New Revenue in 90 Days

“This program is priceless. In less than 2 months I launched a new program and did 80K in revenue.”


Greg Hartmann, Former Landmark Forum Leader

Definitely worth my investment

“I was trying to sell to many different industries and therefore not really effectively selling to anyone. I got clarity about our ideal customer and I refined our message so that it is perceived as critical to their business.


Victor Menasce, Ottawa, ON

From The Sea Of Sameness to Thought Leader Differentiation

I worked with Nicky and his team for 4 years. During our time together, I have become a sharper salesperson, I am making more money (from $10,000/mth to $75,000/mth) and doing way bigger deals. I have established myself as a Thought Leader in my space, I am playing a way bigger game, at a way higher level. With Nicky's help I was able to focus my message much more clearly. Today clients seek me out.


Jen Blake, Ottawa, ON

From Big Company to Own Company

I used to work at a leading global transformation company. I loved my job, but the time came for me to branch out on my own. I needed support to help me start again. I joined eCircle in January 2018, and by May, my monthly income was up 600%! eCircle taught me how to identify my expertise, monetize it, and serve the people.


Chris Chen, New York City

From Burn Out to Success

After ten years of being in practice, facing the real and scary experience of being burnt out, Nicky and eCircle pushed me to look at myself and my business from the perspective of the life I want to live and the people I want to serve. Working with them has brought me to income levels that are unheard of for acupuncturists (over $1 Million a Year, from $150,000). More importantly, I have gained a level of interest and passion around my business and family that I have never been able to create on my own.


Calum Shaw, Toronto, Ontario

Now I own a gym!

I went from having to borrow money to attend the 3-day immersion to now owning my own gym. Working with Nicky Billou helped me make the difference I was born to make and 10X my business.